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Gruppo TeK introduces itself
G-teK was founded on 1999 by PhD Eng. Giovanni Marino with past experience in the field of electronics.
First photovoltaics and solar-thermal systems were developed. Then other renewable energy systems were introduced.
For each technical field covered by the Group, G-teK can provide the right solution, thanks to relationship with some of the most important brands in the market.
These are the fields where G-teK is involved:
  • Photovoltaics

Stand-alone systems: design and realization.
Big photovoltaics systems (off-shore platforms, photovoltaics fields, etc.).
Photovoltaics building integration. "Grid connected" systems (solar roofs). Motor powering by means of solar energy. Photovoltaics lighting systems. Environmental monitoring systems, Telemetry.
Research and development for new products.

  • Solar Heater

Solar energy systems for heating;Solar Air systems; Solar systems for industrial processes and for hot water generation.; Big power plants for civil use (swimming pools, sport plants, hospitals,etc.).

  • Other renewables

Other renwables systems to produce energy like biomasses, hydropower, wind, etc.
Integration of more clean technologies is a main characteristic of G-teK projects.

G-teK srl
Via G.Puccini 10, 41012 Carpi (Modena)- Italia
tel. +39 059 687214,fax. +39 059 689491
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